VIGILANTE OR RACIST – Bernhard Goetz, 1984

“Where is Bernhard Goetz Now? ‘Trial By Media’ (NETFLIX) Subject Still Lives in NYC,” Gretchen Smail, May 11, 2020

“During the criminal trial, Goetz famously admitted that he wanted to kill the teens. “I wanted to maim those guys. I wanted to make them suffer in every way I could…. If I had more bullets, I would have shot them all again and again. My problem was I ran out of bullets,” he said. Despite this damning confession, the predominantly white jury found that Goetz had acted in self defense and was not guilty of attempted murder. Goetz served 250 days in prison. (Cabey’s family successfully sued Goetz in 1996 and won $43 million, but per Newsweek, it’s unclear how much of that he was actually paid.) (FYI he declared bankruptcy afterwards, per Netflix, the one-year prison sentence was for carrying an unlicensed gun, and the Cabey family lawsuit’s jury was composed of 4 blacks and 3 Hispanics.)


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