“In every one of us there is a deep desire to connect to others in a good way.” Judge Barry Stuart, Yukon Canada – From Chapter 4: Foundations of Circles in The Little Book of Circle Processes by Kay Pranis


               ASK PARTICIPANTS “Is the Sign-In Sheet complete?” Through their email addresses, after each meeting, they may be receiving various Racial Healing Campaign updates and articles, such as the following for the initial meeting:

  1. A National Day of Racial Healing Conversation Guide
  2. Copies of Mayor Gallego’s and Representative Bolding’s Proclamations for a Day of Racial Healing
  3. Endorsements across the nation of My Grandmother’s Hands: Racialized Trauma and the Pathway to Mending Hearts and Bodies
  4. A one-page pdf of an opinion piece entitled #HowWeHeal book club tackles race by Race and Culture Columnist Greg Moore of the Arizona Republic and USA TODAY NETWORK, dated February 7, 2020


SIGN-IN SHEET KEEPER Who can volunteer to oversee the collection of attendees’ names and email addresses and phone numbers, if possible, to verify the correct translation of an email address?

HANDOUTS DISTRIBUTOR Check to see if everyone has received an Agenda or a handout prior to beginning group discussions in which, in coming months, we will be the sharing of a quote or body practice in assigned Chapters that was significant in increasing your personal capacity, and perhaps that of others, to heal.

TIMEKEEPER “Giving Space to Other Voices” – 3 minutes with 1 minute warning with discretion of additional time needed 


RESPECTFUL DIALOGUE – To Create a Safe Space at the BEGINNING OF EACH MEETING as a Community-Building Circle, “Supporting Effective Collective Action and Mutual Responsibility” (Page 6, Introduction, The Little Book of Circle Processes) The purpose of such a circle is “to create bonds and build relationships among a group of people who have a shared interest.”

* To listen and learn from each other and to honor the presence and dignity of every participant

 * To establish agreements on what does mutual respect look like

CONVERSATION STARTER for INITIAL MEETING Created by Joanne Scott Woods, M.A., in Counseling and M.Ed. in Educational Psychology, February 11, 2020

 * Share one inherited trait from your ancestry that you recognize has given you an aptitude for creativity in a specific area. Intelligences could include linguistic, logic, kinesthetic, spatial, musical, interpersonal and intrapersonal.


* What aspect of your racial or ethnic identity makes you the proudest?


 * Share in as little as one word how this experience has impacted you.

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